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RIA-Lac is a powerful network of feminist activists that aims to prevent gender violence through training, awareness, and promotion of rights.


With a focus on the ESD methodology, RIA ABYA YALA has trained more than 100 ESD instructors in various countries in the region, reaching more than 6700 people through workshops and trainings.


Our mission is to establish ESD as a key strategy for preventing gender-based violence in Latin America and the Caribbean region, providing a platform for education, activism, and support and accompaniment services.



Gabriela Rojas

Regional Director

Gabriela Rojas is an advocate for social justice and gender equity. She holds a background in international development, community empowerment, and academic expertise in Gender and Diversity and Law. She combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience as Regional Director and co-founder of RIA LAC. With a decade of experience dedicated to gender-based violence, women's rights, and community development in Latin America and the Caribbean, Gabriela is an ESD instructor and is on her path to becoming an Impact lead instructor. Her work centers on spearheading regional programs, training initiatives, and collaborative partnerships, fostering inclusive spaces for knowledge-sharing and capacity-building.


Lucia Isoardi

Director of projects and alliances

Lucia Isoardi is a feminist, lawyer, and specialist in gender and human rights issues. With expertise in strengthening rights and preventing gender violence, she has over eight years of international and regional experience coordinating projects with international organizations, United Nations agencies, and governmental bodies. She is an ESD instructor for ESD GLOBAL; she facilitates workshops for women and dissidents with organizations, universities, and collectives in Argentina.


Daniela Lizano

Director of programs
Costa Rica

Daniela Lizano facilitates ESD classes and workshops for universities, companies, activists, and the general public in Costa Rica. She has more than 12 years of experience in martial arts and self-defense. She is an ESDGlobal lead instructor and trainer of trainers and IMPACT Personal Safety lead instructor for IMPACT SoCal and IMPACT PS Global. She is applying her experience to develop programs for the prevention of gender-based violence in Costa Rica and the LAC region. Daniela also has a degree in Digital Animation. She works as a Visual and Motion Designer in her country with more than ten years of experience in the audiovisual and advertising industry, providing services to countries such as the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, and Colombia.





San José, Costa Rica

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